NoSQL inferring limitation

Type inferring

Arrays and Object shown in structure page of NoSQL server are the unique possibilities inferred from samples

So if you see a Array, eg :

It means that "video_embeds" is a Array of object and the only deep structure found is a "description" and "embed_code"

If you get a Object, eg

it means that 3 deep structure are possible for "ipo" property

Structure inferring

Since it's not possible to know exactly the structure of NoSQL databases, WebDB use a sample of document to infer columns

Even with 1000 sample per collections, WebDB cannot ensure that the structure is 100% accurate Consider adapting "Sample Size" in configuration

AI syntax

Assistant respond always with MongoDB Shell syntax, but WebDB use Node.JS syntax. Just remember to:

  • change the db.collectionName. to db.collection("collectionName")

  • add .toArray() at the end of commands

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