Docker container

The backend app run inside a docker container.

It allow full compatibility across OSs and DBMS cli tools

Go into

If you need to connect into

docker exec -it $(docker ps -a -q --filter ancestor=webdb/app) bash

You will land on `/usr/src/app` directory, which is the app root.

The content is approximately the same as the back project source code directory


docker logs webdb --follow

Defaults parameters


Both methods (standalone and compose) make WebDB container listen on localhost (so other persons on the same network cannot connect to your container) and on 22071 port


The name webdb is used on both method to identify the container by a unique name.

It's useful to them connect into or gettings logs without looking for through list


The $HOME/.webdb is use to store database version (aka Time Machine) so if you update the Docker container, you will keep versions


This parameter is standalone specific. It extends the container all host docker networks, so you can see docker-container's DBMS for exemple

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